Manchester United Supporters Trust

About the Campaign

What is the campaign about?

United fans around the world are banding together. Led by MUST and IMUSA and supported by United fans and fanzines worldwide, there are two main goals. The first is to persuade the Glazers to sell. They are damaging the club and taking out huge amounts of money. They need to leave. Our second goal is to ensure that the next owners share the supporters' priorities of investing in the club.

Why should I join?

There's only one way we can both persuade the Glazers to sell and ensure that fans have a voice in the FUTURE ownership of the club. We must stand together as one. By registering you join nearly 100,000 Reds who are committed to creating a better future for Manchester United.

What will I get when I join?

We'll keep you posted with the latest events in the campaign and give you opportunities to participate if you choose.