Manchester United Supporters Trust

Our Aims

Lower ticket prices. Top players. Magnificent atmosphere. 'Fortress Old Trafford'.

Is this what you want for your club? We do. Unfortunately however as money continues to drain away from the club to service the debt or line the pockets of private investors these things become harder to attain.

Our 200,000+ strong organisation is grounded on two simple beliefs.

  1. That supporters, not absentee investors, are our club's lifeblood. It is our support, our passion, and indeed our funds that propel the club.
  2. That because we are its lifeblood, the club's priorities should reflect our priorities. We want a rampant United with world-class players winning trophies, where the money the club earns is continually reinvested and not creamed off by an investor to his own benefit.

To this end, we strive for a future in which the loyal supporters of Manchester United FC possess significant ownership in the club. Only by securing a meaningful ownership stake can we ensure -- permanently and irrevocably -- that the priorities are set straight. We aim for the day when the distinction between supporters and owners no longer exists.

Do we want to run the club? No, of course not. We believe that the club should be professionally managed by qualified individuals who understand the operational side of running the world's greatest club. (Click here to learn what we mean when we say "supporter owned".) But we do believe that the priorities should be ours; that the football and the future of the club must forever come first.

Nor does supporter ownership mean that the club shouldn't generate a profit. It does mean that any profit should not go into the pockets of investors but should be used for the good of the football club and the supporters, either to build the team or reduce ticket prices or improve the ground.

If your heart beats faster when United surge forward, if being a Red is your badge of pride, if you want YOUR club to be successful on and off the pitch and reflect YOUR priorities, please join us for free.