Manchester United Supporters Trust

What is supporter ownership?

Supporter ownership is a reality across England and there are numerous ways in which supporters influence the affairs of their Club. When we talk about supporter ownership, we mean the following:

  • Supporter ownership for us relates to owning the club in perpetuity so it can never be sold off.
  • Ownership is important because it means that we can ensure the club pursues supporters' priorities such as greater investment, improved atmosphere and lower ticket prices among others.
  • While we want to see the club pursue these goals, we have neither the desire nor the intention to run the day-to-day affairs of the club. A club like United should be run by professionals whose experience and expertise will ensure its success.
  • We also believe all matters pertaining to the football should be the left to the manager. We're supporters, not football managers – we'll let them decide who to buy and who should play!