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TanyaT 12th September 2008 16:43

Membership Packs 2008-9
I've had a lot of queries re when the membership packs are going out.

We send out as many membership packs as possible in a single bulk mailing, providing a major cost saving for the Trust's funds. Usually we combine this mailing with the autumn newsletter, hopefully they'll arrive by end of October.

TanyaT 25th October 2008 14:34

there's been a wee hitch, hopefully they'll be out late November
after we've settled into the new office

TanyaT 15th December 2008 12:26

The OFT campaign slowed it down, again
we needed updated articles on that before the newsletter could be printed - hopefully you'll get the stuff soon [-o<

TanyaT 16th December 2008 16:49

stuffing happening NOW!

Paul Brooks 16th December 2008 19:03

And this time it's the turkeys doing the stuffing..........uh...sorry, just read the small print.... that should read volunteers! 8-[

TanyaT 2nd January 2009 11:35

most have gone out, a substantial few haven't, due to flu hitting the hard working elves - apologies again

NB check deep down the pack for your badges, they have been known to hide not wanting to leave the envelope

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