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Tat 14th January 2008 23:56

Darren Fletcher....Darren Fletcher
A top quality performance lads :lol:
1:43 clip

When he grew up,
Oh we knew he?s gonna be,
He?s gonna be the only Scotsman in our team.
Now he?s grown up and he?s realised this dream,
He?s gonna play alongside Giggsy, Scholes and Keane.
And he would run 500 hundred miles,
And he would run 500 more,
To be the man who might just score
To me that man?s Darren Fletcher

Darren Fletcher?Darren Fletcher
Darren Fletcher?Darren Fletcher


TanyaT 15th January 2008 14:18

=D> :lol:

it's Al cloned!

Emma Parish 16th January 2008 13:20

Oh my God!!!!!!! :shock:

Stu Parish 5th March 2008 13:55

BTTT after last night.


AlGordon 6th March 2008 01:08

I'd missed that clip till now!'unique' performance! Ever thought about trying out for the next Pop Idol? ;)

andygeog 6th March 2008 18:34

That's phenomenal

Andrea Barton 6th March 2008 19:50

Good grief!!! I think day jobs should definitely not be given up!

dave_lem 9th March 2008 04:27

fitting tribute to our fiery scot!

blaze 10th May 2008 13:33

Only heard about this last night. Class!!! seriously- who is on guitar? tilzey?

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