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Tat 22nd December 2006 03:32

A Bitter Blue - 1 Video
Jim Broadbent playing a classic bitter blue (47 sec clip)

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Darren 23rd April 2007 00:34

I just love that clip!! That is funny as f**k!!

Andrea Barton 23rd April 2007 09:37

Very funny! Is he really a bitter Blue or just a damn good actor?!

Mango 23rd April 2007 12:44

Its hilarious!! I never tire of that one :lol:

TanyaT 23rd April 2007 13:09

love the clip, love Jim Broadbent

Darren 23rd April 2007 15:00

I laugh hysterically every time I watch that one!

I still recall meeting my first ever true bitter many years ago, and quite frankly, he was almost exactly like that!! HAHA!!

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