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Paul Brooks 18th March 2005 21:42

Adding Avatars
We have enabled the facility to add your own avatar to your posts.
If you wish to do this you must bear in mind a few limitations.

1) The maximum size of your avatar must be no larger than 125 x 125 pixels.

2) The maximum file size of your avatar should be kept to under 50kb.

3) The avatar must be stored on either your own webspace or on any free webspace available. Avatars cannot be stored on the SU Forum Server.

Once you have designed your avatar and uploaded it to your chosen webspace you must log on to the SU Forum and go to your Profile. At the bottom you will find the Avatar control panel where you will see the conditions and size restrictions mentioned above. Simply enter the url where your avatar image is stored e.g. and click submit. Your avatar should appear below your details in all your posts.

This facility has been introduced following several requests by forum members and will be available for an experimental period. If it proves to be a popular addition to the forum we will keep it.

Note: Due to people not following instructions all large avatars will be automatically resized!

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