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Default "Stand By Your Man" (!)

Good stuff, Tom. Ever the model of brevity - and it takes one to know one!

I'm rarely right about anything (ask my missus) but for some years I've been hoping with a passion that Moyesie would take over when the Laird retired. Now, even with the downs and downs of this season, I really don't see any reason to think I was wrong. It's worth remembering that when the child Becks needed sending somewhere sound for a bit of really good experience, Sir Ferg. packed him off to D.M. (nobbut a lad himself) at Preston.

What is really pleasing and reassuring is that the overwhelming majority of proper Reds agree that he's absolutely the right man (punch drunk though they may be just now).

At how many clubs would you still hear the crowd singing the manager's name for the full 90 minutes, home or away, if their team of Champions was playing like they'd never seen a football before, let alone met each other? Were this Aston Villa or similar, they'd have been booing him before kick-off on the first day. It warms your cockles to be a Red, doesn't it? What's more, it's lovely to see how much David Moyes so obviously appreciates that kind of support - and shows it.

Of course the day-trippers, glory-hunters and mindless muppets who know nowt about the game - but love to listen to themselves on fora and phone-ins - are going to give the tabloids the kind of grief they love to print. The sort of Reds who, for example, don't leave the game early and would NEVER boo the shirts, no matter how badly they're playing, are a different kettle of fish. They WILL give Moyesie plenty of time and they'll be delighted to see the support he's getting from the United crowd and from the board. There are even signs, heaven help us, that the Glazers might give him some money to spend.

All that good stuff is what makes United the club it is - even in the weird football world of the 21st century. As a third generation Red with the best part of 70 years of ups and downs under my belt, it gladdens my heart. Long may it continue.

In the meantime, we can enjoy a bit of misery, dust off 'Always look on the bright side.' and remember, as we were singing on Sunday, that unlike many teams in a whole lot of divisions, 'We're staying up, we're staying up!'.

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