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Start there.

Note at the top you can search by KEYWORDS, or USERNAME
Note that there are selection boxes underneath those if you want to restrict your search a little more.

This should usually get you most of the way there.

I find it helpful at times to use two extra features:

1) Show results as POSTS. (If you show them as threads you have to search to find the specific post within the thread, so this cuts down the time, but can potentially increase the number of 'hits')

2) Search in a particular FORUM. For instance, when I know I'm looking for an article that Tanya grabbed from the papers, I will restrict my search to the WHAT THE PAPERS SAY forum.

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Also, if you are after a post, about a specific thing that someone has mentioned, then search like this..

Put their nick in "User Name:" field and the word you are looking for in "Key Word(s):" and to make it easier, show results as threads, it becomes easier to narrow down what you are looking for.
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silly me...

all this time i thought the forum was just a vehicle to get us like minded
individuals involved in some use-ful/less (circle one) banter,

but in reality it is a powerful tool that will guide us to GLOBAL DOMINATION!

thanks for clearing that up
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Ok so now I have a rough idea HOW to search, will someone fill me in on why I am searching and what for?

Oh, after much hair pulling, Ifinally got some decent home access to world wide t'interweb again, so I'm back to make a nuisance of myself again
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Not before time Sam, welcome home

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