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Contrary to reports today regarding Manchester United supporters calling for Sir Alex Ferguson to resign MUST (the Manchester United Supporters Trust) wishes to put it on record that we believe the organisation and the vast majority of United supporters are 100% behind Sir Alex Ferguson. The only people we want to see leave Old Trafford are the Glazer family.

All United supporters are entitled to voice their opinion but these comments were made by one individual at a meeting where it was made clear it was private and journalists were briefed that it was totally off the record to allow supporters to speak freely. We believe that all those journalists who attended the meeting respected this agreement but the story came from reports on internet message boards followed by a call direct to Mr Flacks rather than from the meeting itself.... See More

MUST does not believe that the views expressed represented a widespread view of those present and indeed another speaker who offered the counter point of view was given a loud round of applause in response.

We believe Johnny Flacks and indeed every Manchester United supporter is absolutely entitled to express their views but it is important to distinguish individual views from those of organisations or those present at a meeting.

We believe Manchester United has the best manager, the best players and the best supporters. It is only the owners that let our great club down. They should go before they do any more damage.



MUST has been in contact with The Guardian regarding this story and they have agreed to amend the headline and important aspects of the report to more accurately reflect the facts.

In particular the fact that the quotes were not taken from the meeting but rather from reports on internet message boards and a direct conversation with Johnny Flacks the day after the meeting.

Furthermore the comment that the proposal received a round of applause has been removed.

Finally the paper has agreed to add that the comments made by Mr Flacks do not represent the group (MUST) as a whole.
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