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Default Is there a need to join IMUSA?????

As a member of Shareholders United, I want to do as much as I can to help the club, is there a need to join IMUSA? or would it not make a diffrence as I'm already a member of Shareholders United????

What exactlly do IMUSA do? I've been to their site but am non the wiser!
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Shareholders United are pretty narrowly focussed in the sense that our sole operational objective is to ensure the independence of the club by means of supporter ownership.

IMUSA (INDEPENDENT MANCHESTER UNITED SUPPORTERS ASSOCIATION) on the other hand, in addition to being partners in the quest for independence, have a broader mission. They are tireless advocates for match-going supporters' interests spanning a variety of issues, ranging from ticket pricing and allocation (home and away) to travel, from safe standing to whatever fans' issues might be well served by dialogue with the club.

You'll find that many of the members of Shareholders United are also members of IMUSA, particularly those who have the good fortune of being regular match-goers. However, the two organisations are formally and entirely separate, as are memberships for the two.

The question of whether you should join IMUSA is ultimately one for you to decide based on whether you feel this organisation would serve your needs as a United supporter, or - more broadly - the needs of supporters in general.

Having said that, I can tell you two things that I know about the group that might influence your decision. One is that they have been quite successful in their endeavours. You can read about their successes by scrolling to the bottom of the following page:

The other thing I know is that the membership fee is quite reasonable at 5 per year (2.50 for under-16s/OAPs, 10 for non-UK).

Hope this helps...
-- JD

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Thanks for the advice, I think I'll join soon!
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