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Default Who controls the big decisions made by MUST?

One of the myths that's rears its head now and then is the idea that "MUST decided this" or "MUST decided that" -- as if there were some secret cabal holding covert meetings in dark places at late hours.

The directors and committee members are ELECTED by the MUST membership at large.

The decisions as to which positions we should take are made by democratic votes.

It's ONE PERSON/ONE VOTE. Doesn't matter how many much money you have in the Phoenix Fund you hold. Doesn't matter whether you're a committee member or not.

Meetings where these decisions are made are open and well-publicised in advance. YOU can attend. YOU can lend your voice.

When "MUST decide something" it's because YOU'VE helped decide it.

YOU control the big decisions made by MUST!
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And you can make your thoughts known to the committee and the bods that go to meetings. You can do this by posting on one of the MUST forums where your message will be read by committee members, or you can offer a suggestion via our Help Desk.
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