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Default All about MUST in 60 seconds or less

We spend a lot of time talking to people about MUST and what we're trying to do. But we recognise that some of you who are short on time want shorter answers. While we do hope that you poke around the site and learn more, we thought you might be interested in the following brief statements.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask them!

Why should I join?

The Short Answer

Because the long-run health and success of Manchester United FC will be best achieved if it is owned by its devoted supporters.

The Longer Answer

Why are the Glazers bad?

Because their takeover has loaded nearly 650 million in debt on the club, which in turn has caused prices to rise in order to pay it off. We want to see money reinvested in the club, not siphoned away.

What does this money business have to do with football?

The Short Answer

While we would all prefer to watch the football and not be concerned with the finances, the finances not only affect the club on the pitch but also the supporters. Prices have gone up exorbitantly, and despite the arrival of Tevez and Nani and Hargreaves, United have been net sellers since the takeover. That the club succeeds is a testament to the quality of the players on the pitch. But the Club is so strapped to make ends meet now that even one poor season could see some effects in terms of playing staff, or perhaps raising money through a hugely unpopular stadium naming deal or sell-off of the ground.

How does joining MUST help?

The Short Answer
The only way we put the priorities right is by having a significant enough stake to ensure that we are in a position to take a sizeable chunk of United into supporter ownership when the time comes.

How can we possibly succeed?

The Short Answer
We can succeed because the supporters have the willingness and dedication to stand by the club long after the Glazers have gone. It is in our numbers that we have strength.

Where do I join!
The Short Answer (and The Longer Answer)

In fact, membership is now free -> just go to
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