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Old 12th January 2007, 21:28   #41
aka Carlos, the MUST Video Librarian
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Originally Posted by 8 Days of Manchester View Post
I see that there is already a video titled "Hyde reserves - supporter protest" would you like more of this type or similar?
It's up to you, as a member of MUST. If you have some videos that you would like to see added then post them up. We'll show anything providing it is United related.
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Old 13th January 2007, 05:30   #42
8 Days of Manchester
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Cheers for the reply.

I will get back to you with the video or an extract from the video. One is a fuller version of the protest from Hyde, although I am led to believe that it concentrates more on the protest, than it does on the match. The other is about a trip to America.
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Old 19th May 2007, 20:28   #43
aka Carlos, the MUST Video Librarian
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I've been thinking about the 'this seasons goals' part of this forum recently. One of the big probelms that I have faced in doing this is all the stuff is obviously copyrighted and therefore as soon as servercast (who own a lot of the copyright) find out they ban the user. Okay the video will re-appear under a different username at some point int the future but its a pain. I gave up trying to update each game a long time ago. but I have always been worried that we have a forum that has a lot of videos that don't work. If I arrived on a forum and clicked two videos and they didn't work, I wouldn't hang around.

Next season i think it would be better to post a link to the video in the commentary thread on the main forum. This way there will be a link to the match tracker, some comments about the match, then the videos appear and then some more comments in the same thread. After a fw days the thread will have disappeared off the first page of the MUST discussion forum and therefore people will not expect it to be maintained. I welcome comments from other people and what they think...
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Old 20th May 2007, 11:10   #44
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sounds a good idea Ian

I'm sure the more technically knowing (and those who are intravenously connected to the net) will comment better.
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