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Default Could it be an ad?

I was inspired by a wallpaper I have recently downloaded from this forum.
I created the video using some pics, a little video footage and of course my creativity.
I would like to know if you like it or not

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Firstly, wlecome to the forum.

I like the video. I think the inset video within the photos is a really nice touch and works really well. Atmosphere in the background is also class in my opinion. The only thing that I'm not that keen on is the 'Follow, follow, follow' song at the end. Although the song fits well into the space and is the right tempo I am just not that big a fan of the song any more.

All said a good effort (If my attempts at a video are anywhere near as good as this I'll be chuffed). Looking forward to the next one
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Andrea Barton
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Yes, I second Tat's comments. Excellent piece of work & welcome to the Forum! We need stuff like this to lift our spirits!
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Welcome to the forum - that's one way of making a good opening impression!

That is a cracking piece of work.
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wow! What a first post


that's great stuff
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Margaret Orhan
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Thumbs up

Very impressive 1st post. Well done & welcome. Keep up the good work. I really enjoyed watching that. Raised my spirits no end!
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cracking work!

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