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Default MU CEO vs MUST CEO - well OK not quite but interesting nonetheless ....

[1] MU CEO vs MUST CEO - well OK not quite but interesting nonetheless ....

Some handy links from Sunday:

David Gill interview and Duncan Drasdo response from BBC 5 LIVE (MP3) :
(thanks to Andersred)

MUST (Drasdo) response to David Gill's interview

David Gill says Manchester United supporters' demonstration 'ridiculous'
Chief executive asks fans 'to be sensible' at Milan match
Fans' spokesman hails green and gold 'anti-Glazer virus'

Searching for sedition

Short video clip from the GREEN & GOLD Chubb Club (apologies for low

Channel 4 and Granada cameras were present so look out for footage tomorrow
on Channel 4 News and possibly Granada.


[a] Ask every United supporter you know to join MUST as a free e-member
chase them up to make sure they do:

MUST has grown rapidly in the last week - now more than 42,000 members. We
can double that if we all make the effort.

[B] Portsmouth - February 6th
Of course this is the Munich anniversary so that will be observed
appropriately. We will LARGE NUMBERS of volunteers to take small
information cards into the ground or to hand out outside if you prefer.
Please add your name via 0161 872 3300 or

[c] Sign the Number 10 petition
We understand this was created by a MUST (e)member. Well done to Andrew Henderson for getting off his backside to
take action:
Wording starts: "We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to believe
the Government should urgently take action on behalf of all football
supporters to prevent Manchester United Football Club (and other English
football clubs) being destroyed by corporate greed ...."
Sign here:

[d] GREEN & GOLD - wear your colours with pride
The GREEN & GOLD campaign is about showing your opposition to the Glazer
regime in a very visible way by wearing the old GREEN & GOLD colours of the
original Newton Heath - the origin of Manchester United. It is important
not to get in people's faces with this - we want to persuade supporters to
join rather than get into arguments that turn them against the campaign.

MUST has been ordering GREEN & GOLD scarves as fast as as suppliers can
produce them and selling them at cost price (2.50) to help get the GREEN &
GOLD "ideavirus" to critical mass. It looks like we're already there
judging by the colours on show at OT on Wednesday night. However we're
continuing with another 4000 in time for Portsmouth(H) on Feb 6th on sale
from outside MUST office on matchday. They'll also be available online
shortly. Street sellers have been posing as MUST sellers so don't give a
donation if they demand one or ask for more than 2.50. Safest to buy from
the MUST stalls or Premier Inn (formerly Golden Tulip).

T-Shirts United have also produced a special fundraising t-shirt - use this
link to give MUST a special commission:

MUST will get a 10% commission on all other products too so please bookmark
this link for future use:

RED NEWS have also produced some shirts and offered 1 to MUST for each
Old Crest and Chevron Green and Gold
LUHG Green and Gold Baseball
Original Utd badge/Manchester crest on Green and G

[e] Donate - time and/or money
We've got a number of initiatives that are going to require significant
funding - web development, mailshots, PR stunts, GREEN & GOLD promotion.
These will be detailed in due course. If you'd like to help by donating to
MUST please do so via your account here:

If you'd like to donate your time to the cause and especially if you have
some specific skills you think will help please get in touch with the MUST
office via the helpdesk.
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