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Default Press release 15/8/10 In response to reports of Sir Alex Ferguson's comments

Press release: NEW SEASON. SAME GOAL

In response to reports of Sir Alex Ferguson's comments Ferguson urges fans to get behind the Glazers a M.U.S.T. spokesperson said:

M.U.S.T. agrees wholeheartedly with Sir Alex that the first priority is to get behind the team - especially for those supporters who are inside the stadium and can influence the players on the pitch. We also welcome his continued backing for the supporters right to show their opposition to the owners through the Green & Gold campaign which helped to create a great atmosphere last season.

Undoubtedly there will be fewer scarves of any colour on display in the warmer months of the early season and no doubt some saw it as a fashion accessory for last season only. However Green & Gold will remain a powerful symbol of the continued desire for a change in ownership at Manchester United - a desire which burns within the vast majority of Manchester United supporters whatever colours they choose to wear.

The Glazer family are loved by fans of Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool as much as they are disliked by Manchester United supporters. That tells you all you need to know about their effect on our club.

The results on the pitch after the Green & Gold campaign was launched in late January were significantly better than those beforehand which suggests the sense of unity was transmitting to the players on the pitch too. The protests were muted for the home games against Chelsea and Bayern Munich but those two games effectively ended our challenge for both the league and Europe. Contrast that with the 4-0 thrashing of AC Milan which was accompanied by the most spectacular Green & Gold display of the whole season.

It seems clear that the unity generated by the Green & Gold campaign helps the team on the pitch while at the same time showing our opposition to the damage the Glazers are doing by taking hundreds of millions of pounds out of our club. Supporters wear Green & Gold because they care about the future of Manchester United as well as the present. As Patrice Evra said:" The fans wear Green and Gold because they love this club."

Sir Alex has also called for fans to remain unified and to avoid divisions which only play into the hands of our rivals. We echo that sentiment too. It is crucial that supporters are tolerant and respect the views and choices made by others - whether they wear Green & Gold or Red, White and Black.

It is tremendous to hear that Sir Alex likes our "New Season, Same Goal" slogan. What are the odds on this season seeing the club's 19th league title (a goal we all share) and the change in ownership that supporters crave and deserve. Perhaps that would be the greatest double in our history.
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