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Default FIFA to take leap into the wearable technology world

FIFA to take leap into the wearable technology world
By Ben Nicholson
Insideworldfootball Monday, 19 October 2015 06:43

FIFA, alongside The International Football Association Board (IFAB), are looking to develop standardised wearable-technology. FIFA and IFAB have invited producers of electronic performance and tracking systems (EPTS) to present their systems.

The wearable technology boasts benefits in the medical field, by way of injury prevention, as well as providing insight into player's movement, which can be extrapolated to formulate complex tactical algorithms (possibly).

Clubs already use the technology to monitor energy output, levels of fatigue, endurance, nutrition, and sleep patterns.

In February of this year IFAB approved the use of EPTS during games. However, the data could not be used in real time within the technical area until the technology is proven to have preventative medical benefits.

Use of the technology is also contingent on the systems posing no danger to any players on the pitch.

The objective is to create a uniform industry standard for quality and reliability. The hope is to level the playing field by settling on a single technology, ensuring that all club have access to the same information.

Inquiries are likely to made into the quality of the data, the various systems available and the differences between them, how the data can be used and the licensing process for it.

The market is already competitive with many teams, like Barcelona and Manchester United, looking to gain the competitive edge by signing up with EPTS producers such as STATSports.

Further down the line there could be broadcasting opportunities by making the data available to television and data broadcasters.

FIFA has historically been slow to adopt technology. The 2014 World Cup was a monumental step forward in introducing goal line technology. EPTS would be a grander leap that could make football a sporting leader in the progressive use of technology.

The invitation is open to all EPTS producers and is valid until the end of October. The meeting is scheduled for November 16.
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