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Default Patience with Nani will pay off

Patience with Nani will pay off
By Henry Winter in Arnhem
Telegraph 15/06/2007

Nani's Portugual Under-21 team-mates say that if Manchester United are patient in assimilating their 17 million signing, he will mature into an attacker as good as Cristiano Ronaldo.

"Manchester United have the example with Cristiano where he had time to develop," said Miguel Veloso, a promising holding midfielder who played with Ronaldo and Nani (pictured below) at Sporting Lisbon. "We are thinking the same will happen with Nani, because that is the way the United coaches work, giving him time to adapt.

"Although both play on the wings, Nani has more characteristics of coming from the outside to the inside. Both have good characters and will continue to grow as players with time. I am sure Nani will develop his qualities to be as much of a good player."

Manuel Fernandes, who finished the season at Everton, agrees. "Nani has always had a lot of talent, even when we were growing up and played in the streets together.

"Nani isn't the new Ronaldo. One is Ronaldo, the other is Nani. A lot of pressure has been put on to Nani in comparisons with Ronaldo but he must be left to do his own thing. He is very strong and that is why a team like Manchester United wanted him.

"Of course, Cristiano inspires us all; he is one of the best in the world. I wouldn't say I was impressed with the way he handled himself after the World Cup [the winking controversy] because I already knew all about his mental strength.

"That has helped him become the player he is now so I am not surprised. He has always been like that - not only physically strong, but mentally strong too. I believe Nani has these qualities but only time will tell."
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