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Default Fifa Say No To FA's Video Call

Fifa Say No To FA's Video Call
By Duncan Castles
Daily Mail
April 4, 2006

THE FA'S plea for video evidence to be used against football's divers was rejected by FIFA last night.

In a major snub to FA chief executive Brian Barwick, FIFA reiterated their opposition to the use of video evidence and said: 'In general, factual decisions taken by the referee cannot be overruled.'

Barwick last week backed Sportsmail's campaign to beat the cheats when he wrote: 'The FA's powers to deal with diving retrospectively are limited, largely due to FIFA's reluctance to agree to measures that could be seen as " re- refereeing" games. We can only take action on incidents which the referee does not see.

'However, we are in discussions with FIFA on retrospective disciplinary action and have raised diving as a priority area where video evidence could be used.

'We also stressed the need to tackle the issue by insisting that clamping down on diving be made a priority at this summer's World Cup.'

However, FIFA responded last night by saying: 'FIFA strongly oppose any kind of cheating action, including diving, which goes against the spirit of fair play.

'We also have to point out that FIFA only received today for the first time, a formal communication from the FA regarding the possibility of examining the use of video evidence to apply retrospective disciplinary action in cases of diving.

'According to the FIFA disciplinary code, although a disciplinary committee may rectify serious and obviously incorrect decisions taken by a referee a referee's discretionary decision cannot be classed as such.

'In general, factual decisions taken by the referee cannot be overruled.'

The spokesman said that referees at the World Cup would be warned to take tough action on any divers. He said that anyone caught diving should automatically be shown a yellow card but that harsher punishments or retrospective sanctions would require a change in the rules.

Andy Townsend, the former Republic of Ireland midfielder, and now a TV pundit, set the ball rolling in Sportsmail's campaign last week following Chelsea forward Didier Drogba's shameful admission that he was prepared to dive to con a referee.

Townsend called for video evidence to be used to assist officials and for a panel of exfootballers to sit each Monday to review any incidents in which there were allegations of cheating.

That panel, said Townsend, should have the power to suspend those found guilty.

Bans for the cheats was a call that found favour with the Premiership's two most experienced and successful managers, Sir Alex Ferguson of Manchester United and Arsenal's Arsene Wenger.

Ferguson wants divers to be shown the red card and believes the FA's compliance unit should be authorised to suspend players caught cheating on video.

Wenger said: 'The only way to stop the cheating is to punish people retrospectively. As managers we all have to fight against it.

'I would suspend players. Once a guy knows he can be punished, he will not do it again.'
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