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Default Can I sell my shares directly to SU, or someone on the forum?

Can I sell my shares directly to SU, or someone on the forum?

I bought them (literally) decades ago, and if I must sell, (I hate it, but if Glazer hits 90% and scoops up the rest in a manditory purchase for pennies on the dollar - can he do that - pennies on the dollar?? I've received nothing since I'm not in the UK).

Any takers - or anyone who wishes to ease my conscience?
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Van der Sarrooy
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I don't think you can There is a process to gift them to somebody but I think you may be too late for that.

How many you got?

I sold mine and now regret it - I wished I'd held onto them.
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You can't sell them directly to SU or on this site.

Best bet is to sell to Glazer and hold on to the money, then put it into the phoenix fund when it becomes available (very soon).

Thats the fund we'll be using to buy back United when Glazer's plan goes tits up.
"Perhaps ultimately, it will not be foreign players who finally take our clubs away from their communities, but the foreign owners."
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